Switch from Smartthings to Vera: Geofencing q's

I am happy to say I am switching from ST to Vera for reliability reasons. One thing I like about Smartthings is intergration with Life360 the best geofencing app to exist. Never one issue. I do also have the ST zigbee presence detectors in the cars. What is the best geofencing solution for Vera?


I use Vera’s built in geofencing and love it. It is not perfect but works great.

How did ST integrate with L360?

We use iPhone locator. It allows you to control how often your GPS is used to manage battery usage.

May sound a bit silly, read one of the reviews on the MiOS app store and someone said that there account was hacked shortly after putting their info into the iPhoneLocater. Any issues for you? Do you trust it?


I had not heard of any issues and I have used it with no problems for like 3 or 4 years. Perhaps amg0 can provide you the backstory on that review. I do not see how the account can be hacked unless someone hacks your network. Vera should be safe behind your router.

I used the Vera geofencing on two phones and I always had problems with with both phones triggering false exits/entries. A month ago I switched to iPhone Locator which has worked flawlessly so far.

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+1 on iPhone Locator. It has been rock solid for me for a while.

+1 for iPhone Locator, my only issue with it is my somewhat poor cell service in my home area making it not as reliable as I would like. But obviously that’s not an issue with the app at all.