Switch based scene controller?

I’m looking for a switch based scene controller that would go where a light switch would normally go. I would like to install it by the front door of the house. Press one button when leaving to trigger an away scene that is programmed on the Vera that would set the AC temps, turn off lights, locks the doors, etc…

Is this what I need?



Probably a bit overkill. If you want something that doesn’t require wiring then there a few battery devices like the following that should work:


I use the VRCS4 (as you originally mentioned) for this purpose, but I use it to control 4 different scenes and a local load, so the cost was justified for my needs. If you just want to trigger one scene, and don’t need it to also control a local load, you could go with a VRCS1-1LX [url=http://www.asihome.com/ASIshop/product_info.php?cPath=564_570&products_id=3440]http://www.asihome.com/ASIshop/product_info.php?cPath=564_570&products_id=3440[/url] (note, I have not personally used this with Vera, but it should work just fine).

I also agree @strangely’s suggestion of the more affordable GE battery operated scene controller for it’s low price and simplicity.

Lastly, remember that you can use any existing z-wave switch for this as well. If you happen to already have a z-wave switch next to your front door that you turn off every time you leave the house, you can set up your scene to trigger on the “event” of this switch turning off. This isn’t that elegant, since it assumes that switch will be on whenever you are home, but you could make it work if you wanted to avoid further purchases or installations.

thanks, I like that it can control the local load, so I can just replace the light switch with this controller.

I can then assign one button to control the light, then the rest to trigger scenes?

It would probably setup initially for “Home” and “Away”. “Away” would turn off lights, set AC temps, lock doors, “home” would turn on lights and set AC temps.

Since “Home” and “Away” are two separate buttons, how does the green light on the switch function? When leaving and pressing the “away” button, it would light up green and the scene would trigger. When we get home do we have to press the “away” button again, then press the “home” button?

You could just set the first press of button one to run one of the scenes ( i.e., home) and the second press to run the other (i.e., away) … The buttons don’t necessarily have to be programmed for opposite actions ( like on, off).

thanks, what is the difference between the Leviton Zone vs Scene controllers?

Zone controllers start with a “Z”. :wink:

I have some of both, but haven’t gotten around to installing the Zone controllers. From what I’ve heard in the past, they function the same as the Scene controllers. The buttons are rockers, as opposed to the Scene controller’s momentary contact, though.

I’ll try to get one installed this weekend and let you know…

CMRancho is correct.

Barry over at ASIHome confirmed for us at one point that as far as Vera is concerned, they do function identically. T he only difference is the button style. There may be a difference in how they work if you are only using the standard Leviton stuff (i.e. not with Vera), but I can’t comment on that.