Support for yamaha receivers plugin

The yamaha av plugin (Yamaha Network Control Alias Plugin) that allows the control of yamaha brand receivers does not appears in Homewave (it appears in the multi value display to display the receiver status but nothing appears to be able to control it). The plugin is not detected by the audio/video control or the sono control tools…

Note that I can control the Receiver in Veramate with no pb so I know it is not a vera or a plugin pb). Any hint what the problem could be and how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Same thing for me with denon plugin. Would love to be able to control this through home wave, if possible–we’re loving the app!

Hi. I’m a new Homewave user. I’m reviving this thread because I have both Denon and Yamaha receivers that I would really like to manage. Is this feature on the todo list?

Any update on support for the Yamaha Plugin? I’ve been able to get HomeWave to recognize my Denon Receiver (limited to just turning it on or off). It would be great to have at least the same for Yamaha.

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