Support for Fibaro FGBS-001

I wonder if this module is going (or allready is) supported.
It offers 2 great things:
1: it supports multiple DS18B20 temperature sensors
2: it has 2 inputs which can trigger 2 relais (1on1)

the links to the product pdf:

I haven’t tried the temp sensors, but the 2 input lines work as expected :slight_smile: Cute little device…

How is it translated to the vera interface?
Is it pulsed or when the contact is open/ close the status is changed when the input is changed?

You can configure the contacts to respond with either normally open or normally closed.
Some discussion about this module is here:,10951.msg78970

Do anyone with a bit of electronic knowledge know how to hook up the universal sensor with this water-flow sensor:


Unfortunately the Fibaro sensor can only detect digital on/off signals, or the 1-wire temperature sensor. I don’t see how you could interface the two modules. Sorry.

Whilst wondering how to get readings from pulses inputs (e.g. flow sensors), I did a bit of searching. I found this device from RFXcom.

You would also need something like the RFXtrx433 interface and relevant Vera plugin to receive the data. Please do share with the forum if you do find a solution that works for you. Thanks.


I have this module placed in the boiler room. Reads the temperature of 4 DS18B20. It’s running on Vera Edge UI7. I would like to use it as a flood detector. Is it possible using input IN1 or IN2?