Support for FGCD-001 Fibaro CO sensor detector

Does anyone have experience with zwave plus support for the Fibaro CO Detector/Sensor?

Did you get it to work?
I got one too, but no success so far…

I never bought one. My vera acceptance factor is currently very low (for long time already)

This device is on our integration road map already. Will keep you posted with more details as soon as I have more info on it.

The magic roadmap… :o :-X

That’s nice to hear, but in my opininion, the Vera team has a big issue with transparency…
You mention a roadmap and that the device is on it, but as user we have no idea about priority timeline or whatsoever.
The same applies to bug, I’ve reported multiple issue to customer support and I know that you guys have tickets in your backlog for it, but I have no information about the progress on it. So the only way for me to track it is to read full release notes in every update and hope to find that one of those has been fixed.

A huge improvement would be to have both roadmap and bug tracking open to public (maybe not with full level of details, but at least basic info). That would highly increase acceptance and allow to better integrate adavanced users like the ones in this forum.

It has been a while, so I?m very curious about the implementation!
Any news yet?

I see other CO detectors on the Works with Vera list. Both Z-wave and VeraLink 345 mhz (for VeraSecure only)

Hi community,

I bought a fibaro CO Sensor FGCD001 and I’m trying de make it fully operationnal on my vera secure. The first time I Added to the system, the factory configuration was not pushed so I decided to exclude it and include it again.

Now, the sensor is recognize as a fibaro CO sensor but :

  • UI7 display a ghost device named "image
  • A “Waiting for wakeup up to configure” message is all the time displayed even if I wake up the device

Is anybody have successfully integrate this device on Vera. For info, I have not updgraded the firmaware of my vera secure to the last version

I join the question about the sensor Fibaro CO.
all the time display “Waiting for wakeup to configure device…”

The latest version is installed

I got it to work. I have posted a small tutorial on my blog. But basically I needed to add it manually, define it as CO sensor and also use a custom XML file.
My blog

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