Super frustrated with EzloPlus compared to VeraPlus

I’m about to throw out my Ezlo Plus and switch to OpenHab. I am a long time Vera user, and have a VeraPlus and several retired Veralites. I bought an EzloPlus to replace a Veralite. I’m trying to do fairly simple tasks and set up notifications. None of my notifications are working. Support tells me I need to use the iOS app to set up automation and then I have to use to set up notifications. That’s really poor user experience!
One of the simple things I could do with the Veralite was to set up my 3 thermostats to a certain temperature when I went into Away mode, and another temperature when I went into Home mode. There is no easy way to do that in Ezlo (according to Tech Support). They told me I need to set up a scene that runs every 5 minutes that checks to see if I am in Away mode, and then it will set the temperature. But then my scene runs every 5 minutes continuously. And if I want a notification when that scene is run, I get notifications every 5 minutes. I only want the notification when I change modes.

It feels like Ezlo is a huge step backwards from Vera.

In Ezlo we have a whole new Notification Framework called “Notification MeshBots”…
Where you can create super customized Notifications for literally anything.

Please use the Notification MeshBots to create any notification you need.
Let us know if there is a Notification you can’t create please.

It is a terrible user experience to have to use the iOS app to create automation and switch to EZlogic to create notifications. That means if I want automation that gives me a notification, I need to set that up in 2 places.
There are also tasks that were very simple with Vera that are not much harder or not even possible with Ezlo, such as auto setting thermostat setpoints when I change home modes. I have also found EZLogic to be very buggy. There are some of my meshbots that I can’t even edit. When I click on them, I get a blank screen and I have to re-log in to the site. I have tried with Edge and Chrome.
The more difficult you make the user experience, the more likely that people like me will just move to an alternative solution.

Hello @rocstar

We’ve accessed your controller and decided to implement a workaround that should make your experience smoother.

We added two new MeshBots “Away Mode” and “Home Mode”, these will switch from mode to the other and will notify you and also set the thermostats the way you want.

Now… we recommend you to add these two scenes to the Dasboard of your Vera Mobile App, so you can easily choose between Home and Away mode.

I will also report all the issues you mentioned regarding the eZLogic Web UI.

Note: The scene created will not run every 5 minutes or seconds, it will only run as soon as you select it and notify you once.


Thank you. This is the solution I was looking for.
Hopefully the mobile app and EZlogic can be reconciled so they interoperate. EZlogic seems very powerful IF you know how to use it, but it doesn’t play nice with some scenes that are created via the mobile app.

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It is a very advanced capability indeed.

Mobile apps are more limited in their capability due to user interface available.
For more sophisticated stuff EZLogic is the answer.