Sunset/sunrise scenes triggering at wrong times (wrong time zone?)

I created 2 scenes meant to be triggered at sunrise and sunset, to auto-switch between Home and Night modes. The switching seems to work, but the times they get triggered are completely off. Sunrise got triggered at 3am and sunset at 4pm. These are not quite right for California.

Is there some setting I have to update to get that right? Location service is enabled in the app.

Which controller are you using?

Hello @mrbro,
There is a reported issue about the Ezlo controllers not setting up the correct location even if provided during the setup process, which is necessary for the controller to use sunset/sunrise scenes.
In the VeraMobile app, please go to “Settings” → “Unit Settings” → “Location” → make sure the location information is correct.
If the scenes continue to misbehave, please let us know.

Ezlo Plus, app is iOS.

Hi Oscar, I checked that and both timezone and location are correct.

Btw, if I may make a small suggestion, “Units and Location” would be more fitting for these settings :grinning:

Hello @mrbro

We’ve created a support ticket for further investigation.

Please check your email.

The issue has been solved by assigning the correct latitude and longitude to the controller.

In order to avoid this misconfiguration, it’s important to grant all access permissions to the phone’s location for the mobile app during the setup process.

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