Sunset scheduled Scene intermittent

Long time Vera user here but only a couple months into UI7. Running Vera Plus.

Have numerous scenes but one in particular doesn’t work reliably. It is triggered daily to occur 11 minutes after sunset. It then turns on three separate lights. These are all outdoor lights. I have a separate scene that switches off these lights at 11:30PM.

I noticed lately a couple times the outdoor lights weren’t on. As I was digging into this today I ran the scene manually and the lights did not go on. 30 minutes later (from manual running) I noticed the lights on. It is a pretty lightweight scene so I can’t fathom the delay. I have other scenes that turn on/off 50 or more ZWave devices and they never seem to have troubles.

Is there something about using a delay after sunset that makes this unreliable?

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Are your other time based scenes working fine?

User error. I had erroneously set a double tier of delays. One trigger delay 9 minutes after sunset then a second delay before turning the lights on. Once I changed the second delay to immediate things behaved as expected.