Sunset motion

Beste lezer,

Ik probeer iets simpels voor elkaar te krijgen maar bij gebrek aan kennis lukt mij dit niet, graag hulp.

Ik wil graag een lamp aan zetten bij beweging en weer uit zetten als er een paar minuten geen beweging is. Dit is geen probleem en inmiddels werkend mbv 2 scenes.

Echter ik wil graag dat dit alleen gebeurd na zonsondergang (of iets ervoor of erna) en dat s’avonds na 11.00uur stopt.

Ik heb eea wel voor elkaar gekregen door een tijdslimiet in te stellen in de scene alleen dit is niet practisch ivm met het steeds eerder of later donker worden afhankelijk van het jaargetijde.

Ik heb al diverse apps geprobeerd (daytime, timedelay, PLTS, delaylight, PLC, day or night, PLTS,PLEG, enz.) echter tot nu toe zonder succes. Ik moet wel toegeven dat ik een aantal apps niet begrijp hoe ze werken.

Graag hulp.

Alvast bedankt voor de reacties.

This is an English speaking forum.


Dear reader,

I try to do something simple but for lack of knowledge I can’t do this, please help.

I would like to turn on a light when moving and turn it off again when there is no movement for a few minutes. This is no problem and now works with 2 scenes.

However, I would like this to only happen after sunset (or something before or after) and stop after 11.00 in the evening.

I managed to achieve this by setting a time limit in the scene, only this is not practical due to the darkening sooner or later depending on the season.

I have already tried various apps (daytime, timedelay, PLTS, delaylight, PLC, day or night, PLTS, PLEG, etc.) but so far without success. I have to admit that I don’t understand some apps how they work.

Please help.

Thanks for the responses.

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In a Vera scene under Trigger you can add a Schedule and only have the scene run after Sunset.

This probably won’t work for a motion detection scene however. But if you just want a schedule to turn on some lights after sunset you can do it this way.

Or you can use the “Day or Night” plugin and then base your scenes logic around that.

Or in Lua code you can use:

if (luup.is_night()) then
Do something here
return true

Or look at using the 3rd party logic engine plugin called Reactor.


The logic you describe is pretty easy with Reactor.
If MOTION and time is BETWEEN Sunset and 23:00

IF NOT MOTION FOR 15 minutes
time is NOT BETWEEN Sunset and 23:00

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Thanks for your responses.

I will try this in the evening

I’ll let you know if i’m able to get this work.

I tried “Reactor” but I can not use it.

Please see the attached image


Have you taken the steps described?
Unplug your Vera for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.
Search on how to do a hard refresh on the browser you are using.
See if that clears up the issue.

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To reload the Luup engine go to Settings - Z-Wave Settings - Advanced tab and press the Reload Engine Go button.

Once it’s reloaded do a Ctrl and F5 on your keyboard to reload the Web browser.

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Thanks for the advices.

A lot of things work now

Tommorrow I will proceed and lat you know

For now: thanks, thanks, thanks


Good evening,
I worked on this a couple of hours and…

Everything works as expected.

As soon as I have the installation completed I will send you how I arranged this setup.

Without your help I was lost.

So again thank you !!!