Sunrise / Sunset - Scene Schedule Problem

I just got my Vera 3, planning on large implementation. Ordered Vera 3, and a basic Jasco/GE wall plug to get familiar. Started to get a feel with GUI interface & network config… Once I sorted out the basics (Rolled back to UI5, as UI6 had too many networking bugs), I got everything synched and tested great! I Setup 2 basic Scenes… Turn light on after sunset, Turn light before sunrise.

The “turn light on after sunset” works great. Light Turns on @ 20:53:42 every night. For some reason @ 21:24:02 the light turns off. If I manually turn back on using GUI it turns OFF again at 05:26:44 which is correct for my time zone.

I setup a trigger to monitor… every night light will turn ON at sunset as scheduled. OFF again at 21:24ish for no reason, off schedule.

I have rebooted VERA 3 (Unplug / Re-Plug). Waited a night. Same symptoms. Deleted Schedule for Sunrise, recreated same one, same symptom…

Why is light turning OFF at the same time every night, outside of schedule.

Basic Lamp, no LED’s, plugged in to standard outlet with GE/JACO internal appliance device… does not make sense…Please help!

New user!

Did you put a time delayed command in the ON scene to turn off the light ?