Summertime period

Hi Paul,

In Europe we are working with summer and wintertimes, obviously you know that.

Example: Every year Summertime starts at the last Sunday of March at 02:00 AM and ends the last Saturday of October at 03:00 AM

Is there a way in Reactor to get this working?

I’m not quite sure what you are asking here. I think you are referring to Daylight Time, aka Daylight Saving Time? DST is supported by Reactor. The coming and going of DST is determined by the configuration of the Vera’s OS, so as long as you have your system time zone and location set properly, it should be set and reset on the expected schedule. You can see or test the current status of DST by examining the LastDST state variable on the Reactor master device.

Thanks for replying,
To be more precise: I’m missing a last “month day” function, so that I can start a particular period as of the e.g. last Sunday of a month.
No idea if that’s possible…

By example: the “last sunday” part can be accomplished with a Weekday condition. The “in March” part can be accomplished with a Date/Time condition. You would AND them together to match the last Sunday in March, like this:

This group will be true for the entire day of the last Sunday in March.

Note that I’ve kept the Date/Time condition as simple as possible. You could optimize that a bit, since the last Sunday of any month will never occur before the 22nd day, so between 3/22 and 4/1 would be even tighter, but it’s not necessary to be that literal here.