Suggestions for integration internet radio device

Hi there,
A device called Argon Inet 2+ is controllable through simple http GET calls like this
PowerOn: http:///fsapi/SET/netRemote.sys.power?pin=&value=1

The others for volume, station etc are similar. status info is received through simple xml structures.

I’ve been looking for a generic AV device plugin with the usual controls but had no luck so far.

What would be the optimal course of action for a device like this in Vera? I’m looking for relatively simple AV controls put together in a device to control power, volume & station selection. Nice to have would be the feedback about power status, song playing etc.

Well I came across the DLNA plugin and it actually worked with the Argon device so that covers most of the requirements.
Some stuff is still missing though like selecting inputs so any suggestions would still be nice.

Hi Cosworth32,

I’m looking for the exact same thing for the Argon music player.
Would like to control it from my desktop mac. Like the functionallity of the iOS app - or just be able to use Spotify connect but controlled from my desktop (spotify osx app). Looking into the https calls.

What is the DLNA plugin you refer to?