Suggestion to improve the app

Every time I open the app, left side panel open up (with Room names). This is sometimes slow things down. (For example, if I print something just before heading to school, it takes longer for me to turn on the lights to the office room because as soon as I open the app I have to slide that menu out of the way to access the switches and if I am not in switches mode I have to change the window and again that side menu pops out.)

I would like to suggest adding an option so every time I open the app it won’t show the side menu. Specially when I select “Favorites” it still takes time to trigger anything because I have to get rid of the side menu all the time. May be add this as a Settings options? It would be nice to have an option to change the window from “Switches” to “Favorites” for example without having to swipe the left hand side menu.

Also, Thank YOU so much for developing such a stable Android app for Vera units. This is the best one I have used so far. :slight_smile:

NOTE: I know you are busy making the app compatible with UI6. This is not an urgent bug or anything but just a suggestion for the long run. :slight_smile:

This is already in the app. Go to Settings → Application Settings → Default Panel. Choose the panel you want to have shown when opening the app.

  • Garrett