Suggestion RFID and key looks

Hi all,

I set up my Vera using sq remote. I used a fantastic theme found in the sq remote site and in this site.

I m using Vera for:

  • alarm
  • lights
  • heat
  • videocamera
  • remote of my tv,radio,apple tv and Sony portrait photo
  • blind

And I set up scenes to:

  • switch on lights if motion is detect only during night
  • open blind, switch radio on, switch on Nespresso during the week at 07:00 am
  • activate siren, lights, radio and blinds in case of intrusion ( send SMS and email)
  • check if all doors and windows are closed when I activate the alarm, if not send me a push notification and don t activate alarm
  • switch on a light a light for one one (used before sleep in case I sleep after)
  • all blinds downs but the studio blind remain 40 centimeter open for my cat :slight_smile:
  • simulate presente during my vancation with lights, radio and blind (triggered by virtual device)

Next steps:

  • key lock on my main door, any suggestion?
  • i ordered RFID in ebay to check my presence in home and presence of my car in garage, suggestion?

Thank you Guys for this great forum