Success Controlling Roku TV with Reactor

I finally ditched my older LCD TV for a Roku TV (by TCL), and quickly took advantage of a few benefits of this newer model.

For starters, since the TV sports an ARC-enabled HDMI port, its integration with the Sonos sound bar could be more “complete” than the previous TV’s optical audio out connection. Now, all volume changes and so on are two-way (i.e. if I instruct Sonos to raise volume, that is noted on the TV screen), and the TV speakers automatically know to defer to the sound bar for audio.

But the bigger gain comes from using Reactor’s “HTTP REQUEST” activity to send a POST command directly to the Roku TV using some of the published “Roku ECP” instructions (detailed here).

For instance, my “Turn on Computer” routine now includes an action which sends a “keypress” ► “PowerOn” command to the Roku TV (which is already set to automatically select HDMI1 ‘Computer’ as its video input). This spares me having to use the remote at all.

Such POST requests are of the form:

I thought I’d mention this for other home theater enthusiasts who wish to integrate television control in Reactor without resorting to the alternative Roku Plug-in (which also works well, but I’m a purist and prefer to roll my own).

Honorable mention to the Roku Skill on Alexa, which likewise enables voice control of pretty much every activity a Roku TV can perform, such as popping up your Netflix queue, raising volume, etc. Once ezlo VOI™ becomes available for Vera/ezlo users, that’s another avenue of control which may be worth exploring.