Struggling with Aeon Micro Switch G2 on a 3-way circuit

Happy New Year

I am new to home automation and I am struggling to find the right diagram to support the installation of an Aeon Micro Switch G2 on a 3 way circuit. I have found many great diagrams on the forum, but not one that supports my wiring. I have been successful installing a Micro Switch on a single switch circuit.

Basically I am trying to figure out in which box should I put the Micro Switch. I am trying to find a solution that does not require pulling additional wire.
Box 1
14/2 from circuit box
14/3 between boxes

Box 2
14/3 from Box 1
14/2 to load

14/3 Black and Red wires join each of the three way switches (to the top two connections on the switch)
Neutral/White is tied from circuit box through to load across the 14/3 white wire
Black from power connects to switch 1
Black from load connects to switch 2

  1. Can I connect a micro switch without running additional wires?
  2. In which box do I put the switch?
  3. Which wires connect to what?

Thank you for any assistance.

Your wiring works well with things like the Linear and GE switches, but not great with Aeon.

I hate recommending it but, use this wiring method. The Aeon module would go in the end box where the load wire is.

Thank you for the advice. I agree that it is probably best to keep the wiring as conventional as possible.

Do you know of any options (switch or controller) that would allow the use of toggle switches vs deco switches for a 3 way circuit?

I appreciate your help.


GE Z-Wave On/Off Wall Toggle Switch (12727)

GE Z-Wave Auxiliary/Remote Wall Toggle Switch (12728)

Their new and I haven’t used them yet, but they should work as well or better than the old 45609.