Strange view of Trane Tstat

Any ideas on where this came from?

You either have, or had, the Energy Monitor Plugin installed. This adds a “variable” to each device, to track it’s current usage, so it can sum it all up and give you your total energy usage.

If you did have the plugin (or not) you can delete the 0 from the watts field in the advanced tab of the Tstat, then save and it should be gone.

I have this display on all my lamp modules and thermostat.
The reporting function does not work on X10, or the Thermostat but the display is there.
The only reporting that works is that the value I enter into the lamp module is a multiple of the dimmer value.
The values entered for the t-stat do not work ACw, HEATw, FANw

e.g 100w light at 40%=40 w

Also the Thermostat calcs will be off anyhow if you have more than one TStat within a house, combined with a centralized/zoned Heating/Cooling system.

Thank…I removed the plugin. Problem solved!!