Strange behaviour from official Squeezebox App from MIOS App Store

Hi All,
I got my vera 2 last week and really like it although i am having a few issues, im a geek at heart and I know its probably only doing what im telling it to do however i do have an issue with the squeezebox plugin.

I’ve set up a scene which turns on my amp once the squeezebox is playing which works fine if i use a wifi remote ie ios/android/web interface and i see the status change in the UI5 page however is i use a IR remote on the device it doesn’t seem to update the MIOS plugin even though it does register the change in status on any of the wifi interfaces i can use.

any thoughts?


still struggling with this one, seems to also act up if you have a a number of players synced but does seem to depend on which one is master, doesnt seem to like the receiver as a master.

still struggling here, think ive narrowed it down to that it doesn’t like you controlling the player locally and the commands can only be taken from the squeezebox server. IE if i am controlling it via the web interface or ipeng etc then the server captures the request and will update the play/pause/stop status in the plugin but if i try to use the local buttons or IR remote its not being processed by the server so is not recognised.

the same goes for alarms which are even through programmed through the web interface they are actually stored and triggered on the local player so it has the same issue.

I’m now having to trigger my alarms through cron jobs on a different linux server to make this work which is not ideal.

but if i try to use the local buttons or IR remote its not being processed by the server so is not recognised.

IIRC, the Squeezebox beta plugin doesn’t subscribe to messages from the LMS (aka Squeezebox Server aka Slimserver). The beta plugin was written by javier and is well thought out, it should be easy to add this functionality to the plugin (some Luup plugins that do subscribe to LMS messages: [tt]LOUIS4Vera[/tt], [tt]SPB[/tt]).

right ok, well at least it all makes sense now and im not going crazy,

it should be easy to add this functionality to the plugin

I guess it depends on who is given the task! I don’t think it will be “easy” for me to figure it out.

I’m interested in the code which enables the amp when the squeezebox starts playing? Can you share it?

the standard mios app works fine if you trigger the play from the web interface / ipeng etc. i havent figured it out when using local input, touch screen, button, IR.

i have now basically set my alarm in Vera which will then the vera knows that the squeezebox is playing.


AFAIK, javier left MCV a long time ago, but you could ask mcvflorin to modify the Squeezebox plugin.

@trouty00, as I mentioned in the other thread I am interested in adding to this plugin. I grabbed a copy of the code of my vera and I’ve started playing around with it.

@mcvflorin, would there be a problem with starting a branch of this plugin on a project? I know this is a micasaverde official plugin but it doesn’t seem to be very actively developed so maybe the community could take over?

If this is given the OK I will probably start an official plugin thread in the code sub-forum and start soliciting for bug / feature requests.

mcvflorin has never posted in here so unlikely to see your response, he did suggest he would look into in on this thread…,8643.45.html

@trouty00, you are right, but I also sent him a message :).

He made a Squeezebox Plugin repository. I’ll get it seeded with the initial code from the app and start and official plugin thread in the plugin directory in the next few days.

I would really appreciate any help, be it just identifying bugs or doing a bit of coding. I’m going to start small by cleaning up the json a little, and then read into the squeezebox server protocol to see if we can address the probem you brought up (getting the plugin to recognize local control changes rather than just server control).

yeah im happy to test and try and help code but skills are limited. im on vera2 / UI5 if you need to know.

Any opinions on combining all SB related plugins into a single one?

@Ap15e, that sounds like a great idea to me.

I’ve posted a draft of a high level specification for a new Squeezebox plugin at: