Still Compatible?

Am about to pull the trigger on a DSC Powerseries alarm. Before I do can someone confirm if this plugin is still compatible if I have a EVL4 and my VeraSecure with latest OS.

Many thanks

I can’t confirm usage with the EVL4, but I can tell you, it’s working fine on my VeraPlus with the DSC IT-100


I have an elv4 and it has been working with my vera plus for years. This was the main reason to go with Vera initially. The lack of early plugin for ezlo, kinda forced me to look for alternative in case my plus dies. If you want to keep your dsc system, many alternatives are available like home assistant. That being said, I think that ezlo will eventually support dcs alarm panel.

I am still hoping…

Like you, to even consider ezlo, support for the DSC alarm and the IT-100 is a must have for me too.

Based on some of the other threads on the forum it does looks like the DSC plugin is on their roadmap/list.

correct. we hope (fingers crossed…pls dont hold us to it) to have a beta version out by the year end.

Thanks guys. Much appreciated for your feedback. I’ve only just bought the verasecure so u need to stick with for a little longer. So I’ll get myself a DSC Powerseries as they seem to have great reviews.

I’m in the UK. Are there local suppliers anyone can recommend or am I best importing it from the US…I just need supply as I’ll be installing myself.

I got mine from a distributor in the UK, and the IT-100 rs232 card elsewhere (not sure exactly).

The powerseries is now quite old, by today’s standard and I think the Neo version sort of replaces it, but if you can get one and either the EvLisalink or IT-100 - then it still does a great job with Vera, and other HA solutions too. (It’s revolutionised my Vera set up by having all those alarm sensors appear)

Have you found anyone yet who sells them ?

I haven’t found a UK super yet. I’ve seen some bits on eBay.

If I didn’t go the DSC route are there more modern systems that integrate with Vera? I really like the idea of the integration as it opens up so many possibilities.