step by step?

I’m familiar with DSC products and using remote apps but this is all new equipment to me. I have a DSC power series panel wired to a envisalink 3 that is connected to a vera 3. I have downloaded the dsc plug in and from there i’ve tried a few differnet things i’ve found off websites but no success as of yet. Anyone know of anywhere that has step by step instructions for this set up? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have searched the forum and know there are several topics on these products but none have got me going yet.

Hi mguin,

There’s a lot of information in the forum here if you browse the DSC page and do some searching. However, here’s the page I used for setup:

DSC Alarm Panel.

It links you to these UI5 installation instructions:

UI5 – DSC Alarm Panel.

Basically you just need to specify a static IP address on your LAN in the EVL3 (or use a DHCP reservation in your router). Once you do that you need to install the DSC app in your Vera and enter the IP address in the Advanced tab (make sure to save). You’ll see in the instructions that you need to manually tell Vera which zones (by number) you want to add (or are configured in your Panel) by type (door, fire, motion). Also, for the EVL3 I was unable to get the labels to broadcast through to the Vera so I had to configure the EnableManualLabels option and then type in the label for each zone on the child device that gets created. Give those pages a review and let me know if you need additional help.

Good luck!

  1. Verify you can access the DSC from the Website:
    http://Your.EVL3.IP.Address username and login is user
  2. For the DSC Plugin (Advanced Tab)
    Set the ip address of your EVL3
    Set the Interface Type to 2DS
    Set the used ActivePartitions i.e. 1,2
    Set the DoroZones i.e. 1,2,4,6
    Set the MotonZones i.e. 3,5,7
    Set the SmokeZOnes i.e. 8,9
  3. If you want to arm/disarm from Vera
    Set the EnableRemoteArm to disarm

Thanks for the information, I’ll give that a try. I tried the ui5 link that you posted but could not get it to work, could never get the alarm panel to show up under the serial port configuration.

Hi mguin,

Sorry - I guess I could’ve been clearer. You don’t need to setup a serial port. That’s just for the IT100 connection method (I think). If you scroll down the UI5 instructions page to the bottom to the “UI5 Installation and Setup for IP170/2DS/3DS” section. There it says all you need to do is install the app and then modify the Advanced tab of the DSC Alarm Panel device. Make sure you specify the correct LAN IP address of the Envisalink module, set 2DS as the interface type and then put in a comma separated list of your zones under each zone type. If you want Vera to be able to disarm the panel then you need to set EnableRemoteArm to “disarm” and if you want to put your zone labels in then you need to set EnableManualLabels to “true”.

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Thanks, I finally figured out I didn’t need the serial port thing. I appreciate all the help.