Steinel Smart Home XLED Home 2

Hello just installed one of these Sensors and LED floodlights built in, when I added the device in Vera plus UI7 it created

I renamed one to security light and it switches the light on or off
Get Lang seems like it might be lux level
but not sure about the other two
maybe Generic IO is armed disarmed sensor (so I just need to change it in advanced)
but what is the appliance module
any ideas?

Ok I give up on this Steinel XLED


Tried to install several times, half the time it installs with just one switch for the light, which turns it on and off but doesnt report state to controller

When it finally installs with the above modules, nothing works and I get message from controller that the device doesnt seem to have zwave communications -arggghhhhhhhhhhhh

I have reset controller restored back up, reset light with every possible permutation

Steinel Pah!

Rant over its going back


Mic Drop :wink:

Picked mic up
Dropped email to Steinel to see if they can help

Ordered a replacement to rule out faulty light acted the same…Got reply from steinel, both their lights were ok ie the problem isnt with them they devloped to the zwave standard…oh well returning both lights, search continues for a good powered sensor(fed up with battery ones) aeotec 6 in 1 has a small range even at max sensitivity

Probably not related, but the only time I have seen that message “This device does not appear to offer Z-Wave communications” was if my memory serves me correctly, an issue with the 3rd party Vera Concierge for Google Home integration that hosed up my Vera.

I guess most people are no longer using Vera Concierge as we now have native support for Google Home.

Did you managed to edit the devices of the Steinel to make them appear correctly in Vera? Like the LUX sensor and motion sensor ?

Everspring make a Z-Wave outdoor PIR light maybe try one of those, cheaper as well.

Hello, thanks for the reply, I couldn’t really edit the devices because the light seemed to mess up my zwave network + I was unsure what the appliance module was, when I tried reset zwave chip i got the delivery failure message and I noticed zwave light flashing on the vera plus intermittently
I was using the evespring battery sensors but after 1 year they started playing up

I forgot about the everspring light so thanks for that, bloody ugly though :wink: maybe install that in the back garden, dont want the neighbours taking the piss :wink:

I have one Everspring SP816-1 motion sensor outdoors that is working fine for a long time. And recently I integrated my Hikvision IP cameras in to Vera so I have virtual motion sensors now in Vera for those.

That error happened for me when Vera Concierge was flooding my Z-Wave chip with polling requests and it took down the entire Z-Wave network and I could not control any Z-Wave devices.

Maybe the Steinel device is doing the same some how ?

I agree, thanks, just ordered the everspring 403 for the back garden

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Let me know how you get on with the Everspring light? I may order one myself also.

Sure, will do

Ok received my EH403 apart from being ugly its ok, when I include to my Vera plus it only creates 2 modules though, 1 for lux and 1 for on\off…I was expecting arm\disarm as well

am I expecting too much?

No motion sensor device in Vera then?

Its a D_GenericIO1.xml icon looks sensorish, but the Z doesnt go red when motion switches the light on

And the on / off buttons actually turn the light on / off?

If not you could try changing the devices files in its Advanced section to be a motion sensor maybe.

Or if the Generic IO device is actually working to manually turn the light on and off and also goes to on when the PIR light detects motion?

You could create a virtual motion sesnor device and have it trip when the light automatically turns on etc and untrip when the light goes off. You could use Reactor or PLEG to trip / untrip the virtual motion sensor.

Or maybe use Vera scenes to set the tripped variable of the virtual motion sensor etc.

EH403.pdf (3.0 MB)

Not sure if this will help anyone

When I change to a motionsensor it say arm\disarm but does nothing when I arm it

Yeah nice idea re the relay and wattage

But yeah if you switch on from Vera the light comes on and again off so manual, but when the sensor detects movement it comes on and switches off after a set time period

In that case I would change it back to the Generic IO on / off switch device if you haven’t already and create a virtual motion sensor that is tripped when the Generic IO device is turned on and not tripped when it’s turned off.

Also note just arming a motion sensor device won’t do anything on its own. Its for having logic in scenes / Reactor or PLEG based around if the sensor is armed or not? You can do one thing when it’s armed and do something different when it’s not armed for example.

How about the LUX sensor device is that working and showing different LUX values?

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