Staying logged in issues

We are having issues staying logged in, every few days we have to logout and log back in for veramate to work, otherwise it stays refreshing and it does not work. I tried waiting it out but it never finishes. This annoys the crap out of my wife! Not good.

I have 3 other apps including the new version of the official Vera app and none have this issue, I’m resorting to using them for backup but at until what point? Maybe easier just to use one of those other apps all the time and be done with it.

I do like VeraMate more than the other ones but it’s unreliable.

I also lost the icon customizations with the latest upgrade but I do like the default icons better, they’re simple.



Hi Bengie - I assume you mean the 7.0 upgrade that you’re on now? This should have fixed all the latest issues I had found after vera messed around with their UI6 servers. The problem is of course I’m just guessing as I have to say Micasaverde have been less then helpful. I’ve already found 2 vera boxes which have returned different data for the same firmware (which is mind boggling from a developers stand point) which means I could definitely have missed something - just to give you an idea of the battle it is to keep VeraMate reliable with uncontrolled server changes.

Anyway this is an excuse which I know doesn’t help you (and more importantly, your wife :confused: ). I’ll look at the code that should automatically refresh the session - thanks for letting me know, as this is the first report that there may still be something wrong since version 7. 7.1 is due to be released by Apple within days, and if I can find the refreshing issue, it’ll be roughly a week after that before the fix will be released.

I know these have been a couple of bad weeks for VeraMate for UI6 users, and exacerbated by the lost icon customizations (which weren’t actually MCV’s fault :/, but I’ve finally tracked down the upgrade problem) which I can only apologise for. If you still have the patience, PM me as I’d like to see if there is something different with your vera box to the tests I’ve run, and get you up and running asap (with a pre-release version if you like).

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I tried a few things to try and figure it out. I uninstalled it from both our phones (iPhones 5, different iTunes ID), rebooted them and then reinstalled the VeraMate and logged in. It worked perfectly for about a day, it starting to look to me as if it’s a 24hr cycle. Right now its 7:09PM EST and my phone has been on “refreshing, please wait” for a few minutes now.

Logged out and logged in at 7:10pm EST, will check back tomorrow around this time to see how it goes.

My vera was updated automatically when purchased to 1.6.641.

Anything else I can do to help?



I’ve literally just (in last 30 minutes) tracked down the problem after leaving it run for over a day in my dev environment - it’s a problem with those server changes again, a change to the way VeraMate has to now handle multiple session requests. Which means, unfortunately yes it’ll be unable to refresh for you tomorrow without logging out :confused:

I’ll release a patch for 7.2, which will mean it’ll be out at the end of next week.

Awesome! That is good news! Solution found! Like I said before, we like your app more than the other ones! Worth the wait!