Status updates and plugin devices


Unfortunately, AutoVera Status Updates are not available to all plugins. Unless the plugin is built with a standard protocol, which some are, it has to be manually added to the AutoVera plugin. The Multiswitch Plugin has been requested numerous times and will be the next to be added. That being said, you have a some alternative options.

The first alternative solution is to create a Virtual Switch and then toggle it whenever you need to trigger a Status Update, with a MultiSwitch, or PLEG, or any other suitable plugin. Virtual Switches and Combination Switches both offer Status Updates so you use use Scenes with any number of Triggers to toggle these Virtual Switches. This may seem tedious, but its 100% effective. As part of your AutoVera Status Update task, you can send an AutoVera Device action to reset the Virtual Switch, if necessary.

You could also choose to take advantage of AutoVera Device Info actions, which will return all available values for all plugins, on demand. Any and every plugin will always report all of its values. This explains the diversity of AutoVera variables available to you within Tasker. An example scenario would be to use an AutoVera Status Update from a Virtual Switch to send an AutoVera Device Info to your MultiSwitch or Variable Container. In that task, you can use the values returned for each Plugin setting/variable to decide how your phone should react.


When you query a MultiSwitch with an AutoVera Device Info action, it will return, at once, the status with %avstatus1, %avstatus2…%avstatus8. You can use each of these values individually in tasker to populate a Scene or set them to another variable.

AutoVera Status Updates are now available for the MultiSwitch! Until the MiOS app store version is upgraded, you will need to manually upload the attached I_AutoVera.xml file and reload the Luup engine.

Note: To filter to a specific Status(1-8), you will need to define a manual Variable Name of Status1, Status2, Status3, etc, relevant to the individual Switch you wish to react to. All Status Updates from a MultiSwitch will report the switch identity in the Variable field. I’ve also attached a screenshot showing an example AutoVera Status Update.



Hi @dkc

Is this update xml now in the app store? or should I upload this file to get things working?

Thank you.

EDIT: I backed up existing xml and then uploaded the one here and works brilliantly - thank you. As such i guess not pushed to app store yet just if any one else reads this in the mean time.

So glad that I found this thread. MultiSwitch wouldn’t work with autovera until I uploaded your file to my vera. Once again, DKC, thank you!

Hi Guys!
What about servicename+variable that is not listed in the options (this servicename+variable is not getting any status update in the logs).

Manual Service Name urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HaDevice1
Manual Variable Name: CommFailureTime


I’m using Tasker to set different switches on the MultiSwitch but it doesn’t seem to always work. I have no idea why this is happening. What I want to do is catch a status update and set an internal variable in tasker so that I can loop the original action until Vera catches it. I can’t seem to get updates from the MultiSwitch to work though…

Ok. Created a task to perform a DeviceInfo on the multiswitch. Then I can compare data to what I need it to be and loop if necessary. Now to see what other issues rear their ugly heads…


Any status on the plugin and the support for the virtual switch?! Autovera rocks and I would like to populate automate with it… :slight_smile: Excellent thing would be to scan if a device is set while it shouldnt so I could set it like it should…


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I still haven’t gotten autovera to work reliably for me but it seems it may be a tasker issue. When it fails, if I redo the configuration, it works again. Might be the way the plugin store the configuration, might be tasker, I have no idea…

Try to insert a pause. I had the same issue and with a small delay (5 seconds) it started working. This happened when one button of the Multi Switch triggered another. When I used a 5 seconds delay in my PLEG before the second action, the AutoVera troubles were gone.