Status delays on Homewave?

I’m a relatively new user of Homewave–it’s a fantastic app! One question though–it seems to be taking a relatively long time to update the status of a device. The case I’m working with is a door sensor. UI5 changes pretty instantaneously as soon as the sensor status changes, whereas it takes much longer for the Homewave app to pick up on the status change. Is there any way to speed this up? Not sure if I don’t have something configured correctly or if there are just some fundamental limitations we’ll have to live with. Obviously not a huge issue, but we have one application where it would be pretty helpful.

HomeWave will only poll Vera for changes every 10 seconds when on the home LAN, and longer when out of the house. You can change these intervals in the Settings->Network tab

Ah, thanks for responding so quickly–that did it!

ETA, that I should probably have asked–is there any downside to decreasing the interval times?