Startup LUA not being saved

Complete beginner an dtrying to put my first LUA code in as follows:

luup.attr_set(“invisible”,“1”,92) --MBR HTR secondary applicance
luup.attr_set(“invisible”,“1”,93) --MBR HTR secondary applicance
luup.attr_set(“invisible”,“1”,95) --Family HTR secondary applicance
luup.attr_set(“invisible”,“1”,96) --Family HTR secondary applicance
luup.attr_set(“invisible”,“1”,123) --Hall sensor strange thing
luup.attr_set(“invisible”,“1”,140) --Wine room sensor strange thing

When I put it in EDIT STARTUP LUA and GO (UI7) nothing happens and it isn’t saved.

When I put it in TEST LUA CODE and GO I get “Failed to test code, please try again”

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Looks like your quotes are oriented. You probably copy pasted them from an editor which modified them.
These quotes won’t work in lua. “” vs. ‘“”’
You can try deleting and retyping them in the lua code window.

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Wow. Thank you for such a rapid, complete and correct reply! Appreciate it.

It all now works

I just love the fact that someone else has a temperature sensor on their wine! :rofl: