startup function of children devices not called ?

in my IPhoneLocator plugin I am trying to enumerate devices from a iCloud account and create devices accordingly. That code below works and it does create the child devices properly, with the right dashboard/json etc , but it seems the startup method of the child device is never called

The D_ and I_ file of parent and child is the same , but in the initialisation I of course take care of not creating child devices when I am already in a child device ( parent != 0 )

I do not want to use 1 as the purpose is to have each child device living their independant life from the parent…

I also tried with the “embedded” parameter at true or false in the luup.chdev.append() api with no luck.

I saw @lolodomo struggled a bit in the past with that as well but did not see a conclusion to the thread.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Line 2307: 50 10/05/13 12:28:20.101 luup_log:83: IPhoneLocator: startupDeferred __LEAK__ this:258048 start:1417216 to 0x1000000 <0x2dfcb680> Line 2316: 50 10/05/13 12:28:20.104 luup_log:84: IPhoneLocator: startupDeferred <0x2e1cb680> Line 2410: 50 10/05/13 12:28:23.595 luup_log:83: IPhoneLocator: debug: startup completed for root device <0x2dfcb680> Line 2437: 50 10/05/13 12:28:23.706 luup_log:84: IPhoneLocator: debug: startup completed for root device <0x2e1cb680>

function initstatus(lul_device) lul_device = tonumber(lul_device) log("starting version "..version) if (luup.devices[lul_device].device_num_parent==0) then debug("initstatus for Root device") else debug("initstatus for Child device") end luup.call_delay("startupDeferred", 1, tostring(lul_device)) end

[code]function createChildDevices(lul_device)
lul_device = tonumber(lul_device)
local email = luup.variable_get(service,“Email”, lul_device)
local password = luup.variable_get(service,“Password”, lul_device)
local mydevice = luup.variable_get(service,“IPhoneName”, lul_device)
local devicemap = getAppleDeviceMap(email, password)

local child_devices = luup.chdev.start(lul_device);
for key,value in pairs(devicemap) do
	local devicename = string.match(,mydevice)
	if (devicename~=nil) then
		debug(string.format(" mydevice:%s match:%s",,mydevice,devicename))
			lul_device, child_devices, 		-- parent device and handle
			"child_"..devicename, devicename, 		-- id and description
			service, 	-- device type
			"D_IPhone.xml", "I_IPhone.xml", -- device filename and implementation filename
			"", 							-- uPNP child device parameters: "service,variable=value\nservice..."
			false,							-- embedded
			false							-- invisible
		debug(string.format(" mydevice:%s no match",,mydevice))
luup.chdev.sync(lul_device, child_devices)