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Hi, I am trying to put some parts together and I would like to make sure that it all seems reasonable. I would like to use DSC PC1832 with vera. I can’t run wires so I’ll be buying all wireless sensors. I am looking into getting this kit and adding sensors as desired [url=][/url]

I will be buying the EnvisaLink 3 module to integrate with vera
2x wireless motion sensors
3x wireless door/window sensors
2x wireless glass break sensors

1832 says it has 32 wireless zones. That means I can have up to 32 wireless sensors - is this correct?

Does the 32 mean any combination of wireless and wired that add up to 32, or I can have 32 wireless AND 32 wired? I’ll never use all that but I just need to be clear.

Since I don’t have a phone line and I am trying to figure out if there is a GSM module I can use with the 1832.

Can I use the GSM module to get monitored services with alarm relay?


I know this may be a bit late, but if not then perhaps have a look at the GSM Commander, this system works with wired connections only & has 100’s of applications, one of them being alarm systems.

Here is the websites address:

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