Starting from scratch - shopping list

first of all thanks to Hek for his great idea.
I would like to start my first arduino experience with a window sensor.
Can you please help me in controlling if i’m missing something?

1 VERA LITE european

1 Arduino Nano
1 NRF24L01+
1 USB Cable

Window Sensor
1 Mini Arduino Pro 3.3V
1 NRF24L01+
1 Reed Switch
1 0.8v - 3.3.v Step up Cenverter
1 FTDI USB to TTL serial adapter
40 Female to female cables
40 male to male cables
40 female to male cables
1 3v AA battery holder

1 Arduino Vera Plugin
Some libraries to upload to Vera
Win XP Arduino interface

Am i missing something?
Do i have to solder something?
Is there someone who already have this window sensor working?

It seems to be a complete list.

The nano often comes with an USB cable and I don’t think you will use many male-male cables (but they are good to have sometimes).

Wow an answer directly from Hek thank you.
do you think i can add a temperature sensor also simply merging the 2 codes to upload in the mini arduino pro 3.3V