Starting a new rental property to manage, looking for advice.

Hello all - this is my first post.

I am taking possession of a new rental property next month and I’m looking for a new lock and thermostat to help me remotely manage the property. I initially started with a WiFi enabled Honeywell thermostat and an eRentalLock enabled Schlage FE-595. Then I considered the Nexia platform, but I’m not a fan of the $10/month fee. Then I came across VeraLite, which I would like to pull the trigger on but need a few answers first.

  1. Can I use the Schlage FE-599 out of the box?
  2. Can I assign access codes that are only valid between certain dates and times?
  3. If WiFi goes down will the lock remember the access codes? Is there a confirmation once th codes are loaded/accepted by the lock? (I assume notifications of the lock being opened won’t come through when WiFi is down and that’s fine).
  4. Is there a better non-dead bolt lock you would recommend?
  5. What other advantages does VeraLite provide? Sometimes low-tech is better and less likely to fail.

Thank you in advance.


I noticed that the FE599 is not on the supported product wiki but that being said there are only 3 or 4 locks supported.

This is also a bit of a bump considering it took 3 days to get this message verified since it was my first post.

I own both Schlage and Kwikset deabolt locks and they both work great with Vera. (I am not familiar with your model, but from what I can tell, it is not Z-Wave compatible).

The locks are designed to work independently of Vera, so that if they lose communication with Vera or if Vera loses Internet connection, the pins codes stored in the lock will still work.

When programmed with Vera, both brand of locks can restrict code users by time and date.

Vera can do all that Nexia can do – and more – but without the fees.

When first setting up your locks with Vera, you may want to read about creating a strong mesh network:

Thank you for the reply. From what I can tell the FE599 is the ZWave version of the FE595, although the Schlage site is vague many other sites promote the ZWave functionality.

I have already ordered the VeraLite and thermostat. From what I see it should work but I was hoping for someone with more experience with these products to confirm.

Thanks again,


I wanted to wake this topic back up.
I converted to the Ezlo Plus
You can see my other post here
Ezlo Plus integration with RemoteLock service to Schlage FE595

Ezlo Plus should be an upgrade to Vera but it has not yet provided the functionality of the device that it replaced.
Looking for some progress in this integration.

Can you please let us know exactly what is missing in this integration?

Hello @Sloanish
Could you share the exact part number of your device, so we can help provide more specific advice?
And tell us an exact problem in the integration process, please.

Commonly called
a FE599
on Amazon it is described as
SCHLAGE FE599NX CAM 619 ACC 619 Home Keypad Lever with Nexia Home Intelligence