Start scene at a certain time of day using Startup Lua

Is it possible and how to start a scene at a certain time of day using Startup Lua.
I have a scene with a long Luup code inside. If i run this scene in 8:00 i will receive one result, if i start in 9:00 i will have another result…
I need to make 12-15 schedules…
But sometimes I can’t do this and my son is “the master”. I want to make this simple.
If i put start up times in VContainer he can make changes simple.
After that reload and…
Help me with this please…

Is it possible and how to start a scene at a certain time of day using Startup Lua.
Yes that is possible but I don't see how that would be any different to setting the scene's schedule. You would use luup.call_timer(...) to call a function that executed the scene. This is just what a scene's schedule does.
If i put start up times in VContainer he can make changes simple.
That is a different approach. You could have the scene run every, say, five minutes to read the setting from VC and execute when the time is reached. The advantage is that you can change the time in VC without requiring a restart.
I need to make 12-15 schedules...
I think you may be better served by using the Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG) plugin. This makes it easy to have multiple schedules and, if necessary, logic to determine which to use. PLEG is also very robust and will preserve scheduled events despite Vera restarts. There is a special board for PLEG [url=,48.0.html]here[/url] and there are many users who will be able to help you with any problems.

I was not sure what and how
and i wrote something - may be someone can read my minds…
and may be i will receive the solution…
and may be i have now.
i supposed that PLEG is my answer, but when i install it and i try to open it i see on screen “Opening pleg_Inputs…”…
10 min and only this.
thank you.

Click on Vera’s Reload button and then refresh your browser page (usually F5 key).

thank you!
I reloaded more than 10 times in vera
but after F5 it works

Keep in mind … When ever you load/upgrade/make significant changes to ANY plugin

If you have problems you MUST do the Vera Two Step

  1. Reload Vera
  2. Refresh the Browser (Typically F5)

how to use luup.call_timer(…) when i want to strat scene id5 at 9:00 everyday

Why not just create a scene schedule ?

my english is not good and for me is hard to explain…
but i will try…
i made one big luup code with a a conditions - if now is a summer, if now is a weekend - it makes something in a certain time.
everything is ok. i need to run this code in time and it makes what i want.
but i need to make a schedules
sometime i am busy and my son is “the master”. but for him this is not easy. i want to put run times in VContainer - he will knows what time need to change. after that i will read VContainer and i will use it to run my code in this time…
sorry for english, sorry for the stupid idea may be…


i am ready

local lul_var1 = VContainer.get(“1.Печка On”)

function test()
luup.call_action(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1”, “RunScene”, {SceneNum = “12”}, 0)

luup.call_timer(“test”, 2, lul_var1, “1,2,3,4,5,6,7”, “” )

have a nice day

Note: You will have to Restart Vera after you change the Time … for this code to reschedule to a new time.

you mean to “Reload”
yes, i know this

If you would like an easy way to change the times at which your scene runs without the need to restart Luup, install the Virtual Clock plugin. I think it will do everything you need.