Stability & Range of Vera Lite vs. Vera3?

I am thinking of putting a Vera Lite into our vacation home. All of my experience thus far has been with my Vera3, which is quite stable and has never required a reboot for reasons other than user initiated.

Is the Vera Lite just as stable? Can I count on it to provide similarly decent range and system stability? I won’t be able to do local reboots for extended periods of time …

Feedback appreciated, thanks!

I have not used a Vera3, so I can’t make a direct comparison, but I installed a VeraLite controller at my vacation home in mid-November and have not needed to perform any reboot to date.

Only problem so far is that it has lost connection with one of the wireless cameras.

Otherwise is working well. By the way, heat is shut off and temperatures have dipped to as low as minus 10F, and the VeraLite controller is still working!

Good to hear, thanks lodger101. And I’m not too surprised by the loss of a camera - not MCV’s strong suit.

I pulled the trigger and ordered one.

The Veralite is stable as long as you do not add to many plugins and devices (limited memory).

You might want to consider a setup that power cycles every night if a hard reboot will be very inconvenient.
The only stability problem I have with my vera light (UI5) is the USB log file system becoming corrupt every few month. Without the added USB for logging my vera light is reliable.

Thanks for all the feedback. Given that it will not be running too many plugins the VeraLite should be fine.

And I like the idea of a daily power-cycling schedule. Once I figure out how to code it I’ll test and monitor for a few weeks at home before installing in the final location.