SSH configuration

I’m trying to set up my Vera2 (1.1.1047) for SSH access. From other posts, it appears that from the dashboard, I should go to Advanced > Net & Wi-Fi > Advanced Configuration. When I do that, though, a new browser window pops up with “500 - Internal Server Error”. Where should I start troubleshooting?

First, you may want to update to 1.1.1183 as 1.1.1047 contains many bugs that the newer version fixes. To gain access via ssh, all you have to do is either load up (putty in on windows) or on mac/linux a terminal and ssh root@ip_address_of_vera. When it prompts your for a password, you will use the passphrase that is located under the vera unit. Just below the ssid.

  • Garrett

Ah, yes, that password did the trick–thanks! Is 1183 an official release? The threads here had me thinking it was beta, and when I go to Advanced > Firmware, it reports that 1.1.1047 is the latest version.

It is not an official release. They are keeping it beta status for the time being. However it is much more stable then 1.1.1047 and fixes many issues. If you feel up to it, it may be worth upgrading since you are already on UI4. Us beta testers have done a lot to get this release as stable as possible.

  • Garrett

I am having the same issue, “SSH root@” with SSH, can’t get in. Tried using the WEP2 password, which does not work. I am running the Beta 1.1.1183 as well. Any ideas how to reset this, or get in?

I am trying to delete some files that where uploaded with IE when I was trying to get the “Google Weather” working, then I read not to use IE (DOH). Would like to delete the bogus copies…



NOTE: The “WiFi Pass:” printed on the bottom of the Vera 2 works, even though I changed the WiFi password… very odd. the config file noted on another post, also does not reflect reality… this one:

nvram show | grep vera_wifipass

Oh well, at least I managed to get in.