Squeezebox Plugin for Vera

I have written a small Plugin that lets you execute scripts from your Squeezebox. Those scripts can be made to control devices attached to your Vera in your Z-wave network.
I have only run it on Linux and don’t know if it works under Windows.
If you’d like to try it:

Nice! I personally don’t have any squeezeboxes, but it is great to see different add-ons popping out around Vera! Thanks!

The pleasure is on my side :slight_smile:

It would be interesting to make it work the other direction - Vera be able to send simple command command(s) to SlimServer as part of a scene. Something like: turn on, set volume, play favorite #5

Sounds like a good idea, but it would have to be another application than mine.
I guess the best would be a plugin running on Vera. Will there be possibilities to add plugins to Vera in the future?
Or maybe it can be done once LUA is there?

Once my vera box gets fixed (sometime in the future when release 1.xxxx of the software is bug free) and my scenes work as expected then I look forward to try out your squeezebox plugin (great idea!). This is also an excellent remote for a vera environment with mixed z-wave manufactures where it is difficult to get one remote to work with all the units.

Let’s just hope that your Vera stabilizes then :slight_smile:

Then it’s time to create a proper plugin that let Vera control SlimServer :slight_smile:
Do you know if the latter supports UPnP to any extent, or it still doesn’t?

I don’t think that SlimServer (Squeezecenter nowadays) supports UPnP, but I am not 100% sure.

This thread might be of interest:


Seems to be a proof of concept of an UPnP AV Media Server abstraction for SqueezeCenter.

I’m afraid it’s too far from something useful for a average user…

But I always thought SS can be controlled by some kind of HTTP requests, and if I’m right someone here can write a plugin-driver for Vera, and this will be the UPnP representation of SS.

Oh man… Just discovered…

Hrm, don’t see anything about UPnP though, but i like that.

I looked at the controller platform for Squeezebox.
What I find especially interesting, is that Squeezebox Server can be controlled with JSON, and the platform uses LUA as main language!