SQBlaster : Running Lua Startup

Anyone else having this message constantly displayed?

I have uninstalled and re-installed the plugin multiple times.

Running Vera 3,
Firmware: 1.5.346 .

Any advice?


Please check to see what file is specified in the SQ Blaster device >> Advanced tab >> impl_file field. It should be I_SQBlaster1.xml. If you notice anything else, replace it with I_SQBlaster1.xml and save.

Is there an ETA (or bug#) for getting apps.mios.com fixed?

If you look in the user_data, in the InstalledPlugins2 >> InstalledPlugin you’ll see that the implementation_file attribute is the correct one, so I don’t think this is an apps.mios.com issue. I sent an e-mail to Aaron about this and I’ll let you know if I find anything.

I’ll have the same problem, when i look at SQBlaster Plugin (Is this the right one?) → Advanced → Impl File it says: I_SQBlasterController1.xml
Do i need to change this?

Vera 3 Lite 1.5.346

In all cases, this should be:

The Plugin declares it that way in it’s [tt]D_SQBlaster1.xml[/tt] file, so I’m not sure why MiOS or apps.mios.com, is setting it the other way.

@guessed, thanks for the confirmation i changed it to I_SQBlaster1.xml.

Just one other question on the sqblaster, it has an temperature sensor, that gives it’s readings in Fahrenheit.
I would like to change this to Celsius. I also logged in to the SQBlaster to see if i could change it there, but could not find out how.

In one of the guides of the SQBlaster it says something about changing a value to “1000” however i don’t see where.
Someone who can point me in the right direction?

I added the temperature sensor as a prototype, since it’s not advertised in the feature-set of the SQBlaster+ device. You can switch it to Metric, by adding a Variable called:


You can add this under the Advanced Tab, of the Parent SQBlaster Device under UI5, by scrolling to the fields at the bottom.

I haven’t given it any testing though, so no guarantees :wink:


Hurray, it seems to be working! My temperature sensor changed to Celsius.
I would like to thank you again…

One small suggestion maybe, it shows the temp in xx.xxx e.g. 24.343, but i do not really need the numbers after the dots, is there an option to remove/hide them? Like the Fahrenheit only showed e.g. 73?

Try the [tt]D_SQBlaster1.xml[/tt] and [tt]I_SQBlaster1.xml[/tt] files from this build:

They should contain the latest fixes for rounding the Celsius values, as well as the previous fix for working with the Extra IR Channels on the SQBlaster+.

Once verified, I’ll put them into apps.mios.com.

[quote=“Thiemen, post:5, topic:171578”]Impl File it says: I_SQBlasterController1.xml
Vera 3 Lite 1.5.346[/quote]

Same here… Made the change and it’s fixed. Thanks!


I dowloaded the files, but i am not sure on how to use them.
I thought probably i needed some ssh access to my device, since it is a veralite i downloaded my backup and grabbed my password from the backup file, i am connected now to my vera, but i am just not sure on how to progress?

Am I in the right direction, or do I need to do something else?

Regards Thiemen

I updated the plugin in apps.mios.com (UI5 users), so anyone who downloaded that will automatically get updated with these files.

That said, if you ever wanted to manually update, you an do it all through the browser as well, you use instructions like these:


The update seems to be working, it shows only the first degrees in Celsius now :slight_smile:
Also thanks for the link on installing plugins, step by step i learn working on my Vera…

You’re work is appreciated!

I reproduced this on 05/18 when I sent the e-mail to Aaron, but unfortunately I captured only a part of the logs, which aren’t very useful, and they aren’t on our servers either. Now I need the logs but I can’t reproduce this bug anymore, and I tried on 3 Veras with different firmware versions. Can someone try to reproduce this with the verbose logging enabled and send me an e-mail with the LuaUPnP.log file or the date and time when the plugin was installed and his Vera serial number so I can get the logs from the servers?


The internal sensor temperature of my SQBLASTER+ was reading properly in degrees C but with the format . but since the last plugin update it only reads -40 degrees.

Any idea why ?


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I’ll need the source data from the device. This is logged in a device line containing the following:

SQBlaster: Name=%s, Firmware Version=%s, Date=%s, MAC=%s, Antenna=%s, syslog=%s, syslog IP=%s, temperature=%s, irChannels=%s
except the values will be filled in. You can see the logs directly as:

if you login to your Vera, or you can access it locally via a URL.

[quote=“pipoa, post:16, topic:171578”]@guessed

The internal sensor temperature of my SQBLASTER+ was reading properly in degrees C but with the format . but since the last plugin update it only reads -40 degrees.

Any idea why ?


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Thanks for answering
the source data for my sqblaster is as follows:

Sqblaster: name=sqblaster-1bad.local, firmware version=P100, date=Apr 12 2012, Mac=00:06:66:72:18:ad, Antenna=External1 antenna, syslog=off, syslog IP= , Temperature= -40000, irchannel=5


Well, for some reason the device is returning -40000 as the scaled temp. You’ll need to ping the SQBlaster folks about that using their ticket system.

Note that temp isn’t an advertised feature of the device, so it may not get the highest priority to fix.

My SQBlaster temperature sensor shows 80C all the time. Created a ticket with SquareConnect to see if something can be done about it.