SQ Designer software beta testing

Hi everyone,

We have now launched our initial beta program for the SQ designer software. This is software targeted at the installer / power user that want to be able to set up their SQ Remote from their desktop machines.

Full editing capabilities on control pads and panels
Editing of controls (titles, icons, etc…)
Create and re-use templates
Add devices / create and share ir- code sets
Build and test macros and much more.

** Update - Edit**
With this first version of SQ Designer MiOS controls can be added, moved and be included in templates, however, assignment to a specific device on your network is still done within SQ Remote.

If you are interested in trying out the beta software and own SQ Remote and (preferably an SQ Blaster as well) please drop me us line at: info[at]squareconnect.com.

If you are already an active beta tester for our SQ Remote you may have already been migrated to this new project. If you have not - please let me know if you are interested in trying and testing SQ Designer.



@ SquareConnectJohn

I am very interested in the program. I am still waiting for my SQ Blaster to be delivered to me (Europe/Netherlands). Hope to have it soon.


please email me at john[ at ] squareconnect.com

John, I am interested as well. Email sent.

I have the Vera2 and SQblaster/remote coming on Thursday. I am also interested in starting on the beta version of the iPad software if this all makes sense, since my application is on an IPad2. I have about 10 Zwave dimmers in my home theater which includes PS3, X360, Fios, HD Projector, Octava matrix switcher and HT computer. The application is meant to replace my Harmony 1000 and Leviton Zwave remote. I just picked up a Homeseer motion sensor to integrate as well.


We have a core team of beta testers for SQ Designer, and so I am temporarily closing this invitation. As we move forward and add new functionality (and as beta testers become bored and fade away…) we will be asking for new testers. Many thanks for your interest and for all the emails that we have. received!