Sq Blaster


I assume Sq blaster and SQ remote is the best IR remote interface that works with the vera to seemlessly control everything from lights, locks to AV equipment. I cant seem to find where to buy this and has stock. Is this the best option? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Ditto. I’ve been trying to find one but there’s none in stock. I know they’re working on the sq connect controller… Have they discontinued the SQ Blaster Plus?

Hi MDoc,

No we have not discontinued the blaster, we have had terrible supplier problems, which led us to run out of stock. Small companies are at the bottom of the pecking order sometimes when push comes to shove, and we were shoved. We expect to have more stock on Amazon very shortly (2 weeks or so, as Amazon have to process the incoming stock).

Thanks for the heads up John. I’m an Engineer for a Manufaruring company so I know exactly where you are! I’ll keep my eyes open on Amazon.

yes, is the best one !

I have ordered one from asihome.com
but has 2 months and yet in backorder.

Will an iTach work with SQ Remote?

I can’t seem to find a Blaster and I really want to get this up & running. Been watching Amazon for the last few weeks but no luck.

because you will add itach to your vera…
and sqremote has control about devices inserted on vera and scenes created.
then you can insert in the screen on sqremote one button to activate and deactivate your itach.

Any update on SQ blaster availability John?