Spread out network on Vera/Ezlo

I’ve got a 3 controller Vera setup:House (master), Garage, Pantry. The two ‘slave’ controllers are connected to wired internet, and are 50+ feet from the House. I’m continually getting ‘Garage is offline’, or ‘Pantry is offline’ notifications. My internet is pretty solid, and I don’t really believe that they ARE offline. I’ve got 200Mbs fiber internet, with Ubiquiti hardware (router, switches, etc). Each controller has a static IP, ( is House, 7 is Pantry, and 8 is Garage), and I can almost always get to them vis vera-us-oem-relay31.mios.com. So here are my specific questions:

  1. I CAN locally login to my ‘House’ controller, but I can’t login to either ‘slave’ controller. I checked, and the ‘Secure Vera’ setting is NOT checked. How can I locally login to these slave controllers?
  2. How can I debug the ‘offline’ notifications?
  3. Bigger question: I have a new Ezlo device, but I really don’t want to start from scratch and re-register ALL my 15 house Aeon light controllers and 3 locks… But if I did, how would I connect to my now remote devices currently being served by my two remote controllers?

Thank you,