Special characters in WIFI password not working

I noticed this when I setup my Ezlo Plus about a year ago, I could not add it to my wifi as it would not take the password with any special characters in it. I initially ignored this shortcoming thinking a future firmware update would fix it. Alpha-numeric passwords seem fine (the “SAVE” button becomes available/not grey after 8 alpha-numeric characters) but if any special characters are used the ‘SAVE’ button stays grey as if field checking is preventing any special characters from being used in the password (by special characters I’m taking about !@#$%^&*()_+ characters.

Searched around the forums and did not find anything addressing this issue. Why am I not able to use complex/secure wifi passwords with Ezlo???

Hello @C141FE

Thank you for contacting eZLO Smarter Home Control’s support.

You are right the special characters are not supported yet but this is not particular to our products most of the Smart IoT devices, like wireless cameras and speakers, are suggested to connect to a wireless network without special characters, like **@ & and ‘(apostrophe).

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause you, and we will be attentive to your comments.


Jonathan Botero.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.

I had a similar problem with the VistaCam 1103, I could not add it to my Wifi / Ezlo Secure because my Wifi password contained an hash # character.

I had to add the camera to my Guest Wifi instead.

Did not have the same issue with the VistaCam 703 though that connected OK.

However don’t think I’ve had issues before with other Wifi iot devices, some cheap junk from China all seemed to connect OK to my main regular Wifi SSID with that special character.

My Ezlo controllers are hardwired however, never tried to connect those to the Wifi directly.

Hi, @C141FE Can you please tell which app you are using when you say the “Save button stays grey”