SP814 - tripping in the dark needed


I need to receive a Tripped event from this sensor only if it is dark. The manual says that Group 2 can be used to control devices taking into account lighting sensor. I could associate the switch with group 2 but I need Vera to get this trigger.
Can I add Vera to this group and only receive “Tripped” when it is dark? Actually I tried it and it did not work - I always got Tripped when motion was detected. May be Im doing it wrong?


The manual (p10-11) says that also the controller will only be notified if the illumination falls below the level set by parameter 5. So also the vera should only be notified in this case.

The only association that would be needed in group 2 is the light you might want to switch, but even that isn’t needed if you let vera switch handle the logic.

As far as I understand it you don’t need any associations you only need to set parameter 5 to a certain level.