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« on: October 22, 2008, 01:09:15 pm »
Hi guys, I know your really busy getting ready for GA, is their any update on when public access to SVN will be available? I’m just really curious to see the innards of what you guys have done.

Keep up the good work!

and the source code?
Source Code
The build server and svn server got delayed while the devs worked on fixing issues uncovered during the beta period. We have a release candidate due on December 24, 2008, and the devs will work on getting this setup right after the New Year.

I too have been wondering when this is going to be released. Can somebody from MCV please provide an date that is accurate?

Me three

You guys keep in line - there are many other people before you ;D
Waiting since mid October…

hey don’t be pushy :o

My guess, since they are still adding/changing quite a few things, is that they are waiting for the codebase to be more stable. If you poke around the list of the issues on the bug tracking site (enter the issue numbers by hand - there are quite a few that do not show up for me when I click the next issue button), you’ll see they are working on a number of issues.

Perhaps they can put a stake in the ground and say they will put out the code as of X date or release, regardless of continuing work to be done.


Here is a link to the source code as of version .602.


Thats great! Thank you.

It looks like the source retains much of the original pluto code base (the core router part I mean)? In the Gen_Devices dir there are lots of headers files to devices I’m familiar with in Pluto/LinuxMCE but didn’t think support existed in micasaverde. Are these just left over or is support planned for all of these? (like slim server, MythTV, Asterisk,etc…). Also, do you have a x86 build working for testing on a desktop linux box?

You need to create yourself an Openwrt build environment. Cross compile the code and upload it to your box.
More info can be found here: [url=][/url]

I thought Micasa was to be setting up a build environment?

Can you help.
I´m trying to cross compile the code using the kamikaze 8.09 trunk, little new to cross compiling so my apologies if this is obvious.
I´ve read the openwrt kamikaze build instructions and have the enviroment set-up on Debian 5. Kamikaze builds with no errors for the target.
I copied the vera source to the “package” folder. i.e. package/DCERouter package/DCE etc etc.
However I´m not able to select any of the source to compile as a package through the ‘make configmenu’ and 'make -C package/DCERouter DUMP=1 V=99` gives errors: mkr_t_compile_defines - no such file or directory for all the files.
Should I even be trying to build this as a package ? Or should I be creating a package e.g. Vera, with the source underneath. i.e. packages/vera/source and writing a Makefile to complie Vera as a package ? Or have I total misunderstood ?
I´m sure I not to far off, just got myself confused.
Any pointers would be much appreciated, I´ll keep reading in the hope I resolve it myself.

Well tried and failed.
I´m guessing I need to write an openwrt Makefile for Vera, but on the little I know and have read , it´s not something I can do on my own. Oh well.
If anyone does know and is gracious enough to point out the errors of my ways, or better still explain to this idiot how to add the vera source to the openwrt trunk and compile, it would really help me learn !
I was really just trying to see if Vera would be a good solution to controlling my A/V equipment using usb-rs232 dongles. Didn´t want to drop $200 to find out .

You can’t use Vera with 8.09 trunk. The simplest way it will be just to compile what you need using OpenWrt SDK and then upload it to your Vera.

Ok, thanks for your help, but still a little confused…

I think I’m using the Openwrt-SDK (as defined in the doc link below)

I checked out the svn:

$ svn checkout kamikaze

$ cd kamikaze

$ make menuconfig

$ make world

So I can build a version of kamikaze with any of the packages I need…

The rest of the documention discusses adding ‘packages’ which as I understand it, is how to complie new software, all of which revolves around creating a folder under /package and a openwrt Makefile.

The Source-1.0.602.tar.gz doesn’t have an openwrt Makefile so here’s where I get stuck…

From the sounds of what your saying, though I don’t need to be doing this, but I have no idea how else to compile the source.

Is there some alternative I’ve missed ? Can you just a a few more words on how to compile the source using the OpenWrt SDK.



The new LuaUPnP largely replaces the need for much of this custom compiling of C code. You can do almost any sort of custom coding with simple script in xml files, without any recompiling.