Sorry if this is an obvious question but my Vera Plus controller is "offline" but all the lights are on

I have just bought a house and the previous owner has left a Vera Plus and I can see linked to this are dozens of lights around the house.
I have registered an account and can see the controller but is permanently says “offline” but all the lights are on and I can see it is listed as an ethernet connection on the router. Ideally I would look to control via google home and when I open this I can see all the lights listed but everything is offline.

Vera support have suggested doing a factory reset - but if I do this I am concerned we will not be able to reconnect to the lights, as we don’t have any codes or instructions for these.

I apologise if this a really stupid question - but I am new to this and don’t have a clue about how to get started, the previous owners haven’t been able to assist, other than releasing control of the Vera allowing me to connect it to my account.

Do I need to do anything to get the controller to work - other than link it to an account (as well as plug it into power and the internet router)?
Can you move into a house and take over someone’s controller and scenes - with a new account and ISP?
If I do a reset is it easy to see and link all the devises ?

Hope someone here can offer some assistance

Thank you


I would highly recommend you to perform a network reset, you can do so by pressing the reset button only 3 times within 6 seconds, this should allow the controller to come back online if it doesn’t please let us know.

Note: please be careful not to press the reset button more than 6 times because it will factory reset the unit.

Let us know if after the network reset the unit shows online.


Thanks - I have tried the soft reset and it is still showing as offline.

If I disconnect the controller from my account and then reconnect it - may that help, or is there a risk of losing the links to devices I can see are there, but I can’t operate?

Does Vera need to work on a specific internet setting? I may be able to tweak it on the ISP platform, as I can’t get to the Vera dashboard to make changes.

Thanks for any assistance.


Please try to factory reset the unit, by pressing the reset button 6 times, this will remove all your devices, however, with a backup all of them will be restored.

You can PM me the serial number of the controller, in order to check the unit.