I have finally found documentation regarding Sony’s API to control my AVR. Unfortunately, for me, it uses JSON. Can someone please provide me with some simple instructions for getting a vera scene to post JSON?

I was able to change the input device using POSTMAN:


Then the JSON body


Sony’s documentation can be found here:

Thanks in advance for your help!

Not directly related, but my STR-DN1080’s network connections stopped working like 4 years ago, both wi-fi and cable. Wi-fi was going in and out over about a month and then just would not connect. The AVR network connection is greyed out like the card fried or disconnected.

I opened up the unit to see if something became loose but nothing was amiss. I spent weeks scouring the Internet looking for anyone having a similar issue. Not wanting to take it to a shop, I just gave up.

You had or heard of someone having a similar experience?


To use POST requests you would need to write some LUA code and at the moment quite a bit to make use of the LUA standard requests library. You can find an example using a post request here: lines 280-342. You probably can trim things down to your specific need.

Note that there is a luup.request documented in the wiki, but that is likely to crash the LUA engine of your Vera in the current Vera release.

Cheers Rene