I have seen a lot of post about integrating Sonos into MCV. But I have not been able to get any of them work.

I am using UI5.

Hoping somebody is willing to help me and show me how to add a Sonos Connect to my MCV. All I am looking for is a way to set Volume Up/Volume Down, Mute. (i also have a sonos3 and sonos5. happy to run some test for people if needed)

If I can add those option to vera I can show them in SQ Connect, this would finally give me a single remote that can change channels via IR and set volume via Sonos.

I installed the files from the sonos plugin Sonos Wireless HiFi Music Systems
Added the IP address and saved. But when I got to automation and edit a scene it won’t let me do anything with the newly created sonos device.

I know the plugin says it is not tested with UI5. Has anybody been able to get it to work with UI5 yet?



I’ve been using the Sonos plugin with UI5 for several months and it works fine.

Create a new scene and choose the ‘advance’ tab and ‘Pick a device’. Find your Sonos device in the list then select the actions you want to perform. For example ‘setfiletoplay’ then ‘play’.

This thread should help:,8505.45.html

I couldn’t get the plug in working. What I did get working was the uPNP set up with some fettling. Works like a charm for play, pause and mute. No reason that I wouldn’t expect to get volume working.

My journey is here:,10282.0.html

But in the spirit of the help given by other members, I’m happy to help in any way that I can.