Sonos System[487] : Startup Lua Failed

I recently upgrade the Sonos plugin to the 2.0 version, after the plugin stop working.
I followed the process steps in GitHub and then discovered in already been auto installed from the vera interface…
Before the upgrade I had 2 sonos devices in my vera interface, both of them kept and wasn’t deleted after the upgrade.
A new device been added after the upgrade - “Sonos System”.
When I’m trying to go into the settings of this new device, I receive an popup window with this error message:
“Something went wrong. Luup may be restarting. Try again in a moment.”

I will appreciate your help on fixing that.


To make sure you are on the right version of the plugin, go to Apps > My Apps, find the Sonos plugin, go into “Details” and click “Update App”. Leave the system alone for at least 15 minutes. Don’t do anything.

After 15 minutes, do a hard refresh on your browser.

Hi and thanks for the quick reply.
I did this and still getting the same error massage.
What else can I do?


Are there any messages displayed on the master devices when looking at the dashboard cards?

No. There are no massages on dashboard card that related to sonos devices

Here’s what my Sonos System device says.


What does yours say? Do you have more than one? Tell me about all of them…

The Sonos System device says: Starting…

My other sonos devices looks as usual but not responding:

The resolution on this (done via PM with exchange of logs) is that OP had conflicting install files from trying several different install methods. Running the following was able to clean it up without losing his current Sonos devices. This should only be done if using the App Marketplace-installed version of the plugin (or trying to).

os.execute("rm -f /etc/cmh-ludl/*_Sonos*")
os.execute("rm -f /etc/cmh-ludl/Sonos*")
os.execute("rm -f /www/sonos")

When the Vera reloads, Luup will notice that the plugin files are missing and re-download/re-install them. Waiting several minutes is necessary while the files are downloaded, and Luup will reload itself several times before all the work is done. Do not disturb the system in any way for 30 minutes.


Thanks Patrick for all your support and help on that .
People like you are real asset to the Vera community