Sonos Stopped Working


My Sonos stopped working with Vera since last 2-3 days. Yesterday I tried to uninstall UPNP and Sonos and reinstalled them. Discovery works fine but the Sonos is not working. Earlier I had scenes where they triggered TTS and delivered relavent messages but all is silent now. ::slight_smile: ???

Need help.

I continue to get mesaage “UPnP Event Proxy[29] : Checking that proxy is running”

Also I can’t attach Sonos to a room.


I’ve got the UPnP event proxy issue. After mutliple reboots it is still existing. It is hurting Sonos pluggin at this point. Any solutions for resolving this?

Contact futzle, the author of the UPnP event proxy.

First try this, to see if the UPnP Event Proxy really is running. Use a web browser and visit:


This should display a number (3 is the most recent API version).

If this fails then the UPnP Event Proxy may really not be running. It’s hard to see how this could happen but uninstalling the plugin (properly) and re-installing it may help.

If you are seeing a number when you visit the above URL then the proxy is running, and the companion plugin (device 29 for you) is not able to communicate with it, for reasons I can’t yet guess. If you can capture a Luup log while you reload Luup I can see if it’s producing an error message. I might also need you to get a shell on your Vera to debug.

Some information about versions (of your Vera, of your firmware, of your plugins) would be useful.


I’m not sure what triggered but Sonos came back to life. After that I had kinda “hang i.e. no response” situation with my Vera3 and had to reset to factory default and reconnected every thing. I then upgraded to new Sonos plugin.