Sonoff Wifi Stability

I have just got my first Sonoff basic flashed with Tasmota. Thanks to therealdb and his great HTTP plug this is now working with my vera.

I have noticed problems with Wifi stability of the sonoff device. I have an ASUS router and if I power cycle the Sonoff it doesnt always reconnect to the router. If I reboot the router it connects fine.

Has anyone else had this problem and worked out how to fix it.

Many thanks.

Which tasmota version are you running? I have a couple of them (one outside since 3 years, near the pool) and they’re all running ok.

I’m running 9.3.1

It seems a few people with ASUS routers are reporting similar problems.

I have just setoption41 to 1 so I’ll see if that makes any difference.

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oh yes. That’s why I’m using them for very specific use case. WiFi stability is difficult to achieve, more difficult than a good Zwave mesh.

Setoption41 enabled didn’t work for me. If I power cycle it doesn’t re connect to WiFi reliably. If I reboot the router it connects again. ;(

Finally figured it out. Switched my 2.4ghz ap to a/b/g and now works fine. It’s didn’t like a/b/g/n mix.

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