Sonoff SNZB-06P - proximity and light sensor

The SNZB-06P is a Zigbee 3.0 microwave radar proximity sensor with a light sensor.

I do not have one but the marketing suggests it will do everything I want as far as detecting the presence of people in a room.

Has anyone tried using it with an Ezlo hub?

Is anyone successfully using something equivalent with an Ezlo hub?

Does Ezlo support it? If not can we get native support for it unless Ezlo supports something equivalent?

We are about to launch our own Microwave based product…fyi…


I’m just curious, is microwave radar a better solution than passive ir? I have a couple passive ir units in my system and they seem to work ok (few false triggers, some missed triggers).

I look forward to hearing more about how these work.

I am hoping and it sounds like Microwave radar will be far superior to bog standard PIR sensors, especially for room presence detection.

PIR motion sensors are not great for this as they only detect active motion, so if your sat still in your room then your lights can be turned off.

Radar should eliminate that type of thing from happening.

MW radar allows even human breathing movements to be detected… its more of a Human Presence vs Human Movement… with IR human must be moving (small movements are not detected either)…with MW radar (not all of them as some MW Radar ones are better with higher frequency etc) even if a person is sleeping, you can still detect the movements as a result of “breathing” and so on…
I personally have a problem with IR in my garage where if I am doing something in the garage, the IR lights go off because it can’t detect my presence…I am waiting for our MW radar technology so that as long as I am in the garage it will detect my presence and will keep the lights on :wink:

Thanks for the heads up!

Do you have a ballpark idea of when it will be available and its cost?

We’ll have two version

1)basic version with just Radar capability (however ours is based on the Infineon BGT60TR13C chip) with much superior capabilities

2)Multi sensor module with the following capabilities
-Radar Detection:Based on Infineon BGT60TR13C
-Light Detection Ambient Light: LTR-303ALS
-Temperature Monitoring
-Humidity Sensor
-Air quality SensorTemp, Humidity and Air quality is based on Bosch BME680
-High Def Air Quality (PM2.5) Sensor Based on Plantower PMS5003 Laser / High Accuracy sensor
-Gas Sensors CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide) NH3 (Ammonia) ) MICS-6814 (Carbon monoxide (C O), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and ammonia (NH3) ENS160-BGLT (Advanced Air quality monitoring) ZE08-CH2O (methanal (CH2O monitoring)
-Sound Detection Based on STM32 DSP + MP34DT06JTR

we’ll keep the prices as low as possible, don’t have a final price though. We’ll have the samples from factory by end of this month. Once all confirmed, then the full production should start. But it is months (vs weeks). (I am going to put Multi Sensor version in each room, hallway, garage etc to give me 360 sensing of everything :)…can’t wait :slight_smile: ).


Wow this Ezlo “Multi Sensor” sounds amazing. Dont think I’ve ever seen or heard about such an all in one device that can do what this can potentially do.

Its gonna be Wifi based right? I am wondering if Ezlo could also sell this device to a wider HA marketplace? Perhaps with Matter support?

Sure other HA crowds like Samsung Smartthings, Home Assistant, Fibaro Home Center, Homey and the rest would also be interested in such a product.

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Yes WiFi based for now, so it doesn’t need a Hub to operate.
It will have the full ability to record the data to cloud as well so that you can view all that in a dashboard.
It will also have the ability to run Cloud MeshBots.
Of course if you have an Ezlo Hub, then you will be able to run Local MeshBots as well.

One benefit of PIR sensors is that they can be battery operated. I’m guessing that a MW sensor needs more power and couldn’t be a battery powered device?

Correct. These are powered devices.

I like the idea of multi sensors for the simple reason that the polling traffic can get out of hand quickly when each sensor is a unique device needing its own polling interval. So this is a welcome move. I did my own ESP32 based IO device in part for this reason.

I would still encourage this device get released with a mechanism such that it can be a slave to a peer EZLO Plus on the same LAN so that a meshbot doesn’t need to run in the cloud and be dependent on WAN connectivity. By this I mean a local meshbot running on an EzloPlus can use a local EzloPi as a trigger or action in a local scene on the EzloPlus. I feel most logic should be resolved at the lowest point in the network as possible. The WAN connection is the weakest link so I hate the idea that the system can’t run when the WAN is down. If my service provider has a fiber cut, service outage/maintenance window, or other network failure why should I lose automation?

On a related front, as you peel the onion, you also quickly learn that polling is a poor way to monitor nodes and that there was really some good thinking in the ZWave instant status concept which is supported in Vera and Ezlo. That mechanism needs to be ported over to IP based devices so that an end node (EzloPi) can send an unsolicited state change to a EzloPlus and not be dependent on polling. This would reduce polling traffic and lag for important updates like alarm and motion sensors.

Anyway just my two cents on things.

Yep, its built that way. If you have a hub, you can control it locally from the hub.

I agree with everything curiousB said above.

Currently you cannot have a Local Meshbot on your Ezlo Plus that uses an EzloPi device in that rule.

The local Meshbot rule has to be created on the actual EzloPi “controller” which obviously has it limitations as you can then only use devices that are on that particular EzloPi iteslf.

So for example you could not create a local rule that contains a device from an EzloPi and also a device that is paired to your main Ezlo Plus.

To do something like that you have to use a Cloud Meshbot currently.

Perhaps this new multi sensor device is different in this regard some how ?