Somfy Zwave Blinds - set max opening witout setting limits on the device itself?

I have 10 Somfy zwave blinds that work great with vera. The issue is I have some that I forgot to set the upper limits and they are way too tight when retracted. So I use Reactor with Openluup and just created a process where when you press the button on the remote it opens to 98%. Problem solved. Except… Now I am using Home Assistant to control vera and there is an awesome shade plugin that allows you to drag a graphic to open and close the shade. When i open it all the way, it is too much and I’m afraid some strings will break.

It seems that the only way to fix this is to exclude the shade, pair it with the original remote, set the limits, exclude it, then re-include it.
I cant set limits on the plugin but is there a way to set the limit within vera as a variable?

Open to ideas if anyone has any. Also If i do end up excluding/including them, will they retain the same device id’s in vera or will they be treated as a brand new device with a new id?