SOMFY wireless curtain tracks (Irismo RTS) - not working


I have Irismo wireless curtain tracks and I can control them correctly with RFXtrx manager. It has 3 buttons - open, close and favourite ( All 3 work correctly in the manager.

I have added it as RFY Window Covering and have down, stop and up buttons with a percentage bar at the bottom. However, these buttons do not control the curtains correctly as the RFX manager does.

One “Up” action closes them half-way. Second “Up” closes them fully. After that, “Down” does nothing, second “Down” opens them fully. These buttons should open and close it fully and works from RFX manager.

Any way that could be fixed?

Thank you!

Yes - I have to investigate the implementation of the Somfy control. It need some improvement. I’ve been busy with a couple of home projects. BTW - did you attempt to set the MaxMoveTime variable for your Somfy device? This should be set for the time required to move the window covering device from fully open to fully closed - or fully closed to fully open.

Thank you! I haven’t but as per Somfy’s documentation it is only instant 3 button control i.e. open, close and favourite position. So it stops automatically once it reaches fully open position.

Which version did you install? I did an upgrade van 1.87 to 1.96 and then my Somfy and other blinds didn’t work any, just like you described. I downgraded to 1.87 and can control them again.

A lot of changes were made with regard to control of Somfy devices starting with verion 1.94. I’ll be working on Somfy control soon.

The latest one - so guess 1.96…

You could try to use 1.87, just install these files over 1.96. That worked for me.

Hi, it works well on 1.87 now!

That said, one minor problem - it is classified as a plug, hence I cannot connect it to Alexa, as it supports only on / off commands (which is fine for me). Currently I am working around it via a scene.

Any ideas how can I make it better so I can say “Alex bedroom curtain open” instead of “Alex turn on bedroom curtain open”?

Not possible as the vera alexa skill is a half baked implementation. No widow coverings, door locks or alarm sensors. The only thing you can do is set up routines in the alexa app. Alexa, bedroom curtain open, and then trigger the device you wish to execute.