Somfy RTS 409RS

Hello guys

I am about to but Smofy Shutters mottors

The retailer showed me a product called RTS 409RS and 508A6 ALTUS
I gotta choose one

I have a fibaro shutter control

What suits the best with vera aslo?

I can supply photos i took for the two options

The Altus motor has a built-in radio receiver that decodes the Somfy RTS protocol

Here’s one dealer’s take:

Not sure what the 409RS is.

I want it to be compatible with Vera
So i can automate all my shutters to close at a specific time

The frequency Somfy uses is 433 Mhz differs from the zwave frequency

To control RTS devices from Vera (Radio Technology Somfy is NOT Z-Wave) you can use an URTSII (Universal RTS Interface) connected to Vera via RS232 (using USB to RS232 cable). RTS signal should travel about 70-100 feet. RTS will only give you one-way control and will not report back position. The ZRTSI from Somfy will also control RTS devices (send a Z-Wave signal to ZRTSI and sends out RTS signal from there) and might be a bit cheaper than the URTSII.

If you want position feedback and confirmation of movement (handy if you operate or monitor away from home). Then you want to request Standard Somfy Motors (not RTS) and purchase a Z-Wave motor controller like the AC1-ZW or ABMHZ and connectit between power and the motor. Somfy ILT motors will work with a ZDMI add-on but I wouldn’t recommend them for an exterior application.

Using RTS has the advantages of the RTS accessories (not Z-Wave) like handheld remotes, in-wall switches and various sensors, but if you don’t need the accessories then Z-Wave will give you more feedback and features in Vera. RTS devices only have one programmable intermediate position, while Z-Wave controllers offer 0%-100% positions.


I’m trying choose a curtain…

I have find this:

and dealer ask me this:

I am not sure what Zwave use to connect among devices, please confirm with your suppler. If it can learn either Radio or Infra Red signals , it can communicate with
either of the above systems, (or both). Please look up Zwave to confirm.

if I buy this curtain do I have access by vera3 ???

someone have a solution in curtain what I can buy and be happy in control with vera3 and remote from my bed ???

thanks a lot !

You can’t control those motors from Vera unless you come up with your own interface solution. You can use Rollertrol motors and an RFXCOM interface (search for posts here on that subject). You could see if the RFXCOM unit can work with the motors you found.

You can get a standard 4 wire motor:

And a Zwave motor controller:

Or you can search the forums for and PM them for a supplier.